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Aluminum Rotary Hand Pump

Aluminum Rotary Hand Pump
Aluminum Rotary Hand Pump
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  • Model: BFT-BS32A
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Hand Rotary Pump: 

Suitable for delivering petrol, lube-oil, kerosene, diesel, edible oils and other oils, not for water or corrosive liquids. 

Rotary Action

Material: Cast iron body and rotor
Aluminum front and back cover, handle, vane
Application liquids: gear oil, diesel fuel, lubricant.
Capacity: 20 liter/ 72 rotation.
1pcs/box, 6pcs/ctn, 33/33.5kg/1.4'

Suction distance:1.5m

Lift distance:5m

Item No:

BFT-BS32A 130mm  1pc tube

BFT-BS32AS 130mm  3pc tube

BFT-BS32B  135mm  1pc tube

BFT-OR32A  158mm  1pc tube

BFT-EA25   120mm  1pc tube