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7PC Manual+ Pneumatic Grease Gun

7PC Manual+ Pneumatic Grease Gun
7PC Manual+ Pneumatic Grease Gun
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Item: Single-Shot Pneumatic Powered Grease Gun (7PC Kit including manual lever handle)


Able to project grease oil in separate intervals provides control in keeping work space clean ,without worrying about releasing too much oil

Ergonomically-designed to allow easier access for users to in all kinds of situations

Suitable for both professional and home use

Ideal for constructional vehicle, machine, automobiles, farm and garden equipments, recreation vehicles etc

Standard 'round plug' for grease loading. Optional: Air Vent valve and Filler Plug available


Standard Spout Equipped: Metallic Bend Spout


Gun Head: Oven Painting

Container Tube: Chrome Plated

Pressure Range:

Input: 30-150 psi (2.1-10.3 bar) Compressed Air Supplied

Output: 1200-6000 psi (84-412 bar)

Working Pressure:

Input: Recommended Air Source 90 psi (6.2 bar)

Output: 3600 psi (250 bar) 

Loading Ways:

Cartridge ,Bulk


Cartridge Loading: 400c.c 

Bulk Loading: 500c.c